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MENDO is a Amsterdam-based ‘creative bookstore’. The shopping experience at MENDO is unique: their walls are made out of thousands of black books and their book shelves are filled with only the most appealing books available, including limited- and XL-editions.

When MENDO approached us to create an online counterpart to their book store, we immediately realized this had to be something special. Inspired by their core values, we created an engrossing online experience that takes cues from their physical store. Centered around the concept of book shelves, visitors browse  online just like they would in the physical store. Books are presented with full-screen images, emphasizing the atmosphere of the book and making for a gorgeous viewing experience.

Technically, the online MENDO store is cutting edge. In collaboration with the wizards at Q42 we leverage the latest HTML5 technologies, CSS3 and responsive design to create a dynamic website that works well on tablets like the iPad, but also shines on huge kiosk displays.

Visit the MENDO website.