Week 85

Again a busy week. Casper has been finalizing work on two games for the newly renovated historical museum in Brielle (their website could use a refresh as well though). The opening of the museum (with the Queen) is next week, after which we'll post some more info on the games.

At the same time, work on the World Press Photo iPad and iMac apps is in full swing. The team is knee-deep in Objective-C code and Casper and me have been working on finalizing the designs. Next week a lot of separate parts should be coming together when we integrate this year's data into the applications.

Of course, we're optimizing the World Press Photo app for the new iPad's retina display. We picked up our device this friday and we're impressed. Especially for an app like World Press Photo, the increased resulution makes such a difference.

Finally, the usual suspects: quotes, RFPs, meetings, discussions on coffee grinding.